About Us


An intuitive lifestyle brand for awakening women and entrepreneurs to support their spiritual, self and soul care.

Born from a desire for all women to truly see themselves, to recognise their power and potential and be in co creation with all of the magic both around and within them, Inher Alchemy is here to make daily rituals in both life and business feel ease-filled, activating and illuminating.

Designed to call in and cultivate abundance, success, creativity, intuition, strength, personal power, higher vibrational energy, grounding, balance, inner peace, confidence, protection, spiritual wisdom, love and compassion.

Bringing rituals, tools and sacred practices into physical form with the spritz of a mist, lighting of a candle or pull of a card.

Each range is infused with reiki healing and has soul activations woven throughout.  Every part of these products have been created and chosen with intention and care. 


Our Values

✨ Natural, intentionally selected and ethically sourced ingredients and packaging.

✨ Australian and small batch handmade in home studio, based in Melbourne. 

✨ Made with respect and recognition of First Nation lands, specifically of the Bunurong people who are the traditional owners of the lands we live and work on here in Frankston, Victoria.

And also reparations, we will be making a monthly donation to pay the rent. A grassroots initiative primarily based in Victoria to pay for stolen lands.

✨ Intentionally created, with thought and deliberate choices to respect varying cultures, the earth, beliefs and inclusivity with a commitment to continue to learn and unlearn along the way.

✨ Giving back, we are committed to recirculating wealth and wellbeing beyond those who are born with privilege. We have chosen iequals change to give $1 from every purchase to your organisation of choice.
*application in process starting soon.


Meet the team

Co founders and partners in life, Amy and Dave Mackenzie. 

Amy is the visionary, creative and passionate action taker behind the brand.

Dave is the maker, systems organiser and spreadsheet wizard. Sometimes moonlighting as a stylist or copywriter assistant when needed.

Moving to Melbourne almost 3 years ago from New South Wales, Australia to explore and expand into a new way of living, they are both passionate about following their dreams and doing life on their terms.

While this actually looks quite different for each of them, Dave is a football loving, gym junkie who works as a full time electrician and Amy is an astrology loving, self development obsessed, intuitive who owns a soul and biz coaching business, they find ways to balance each other and work as a team.

And together they are combining all of these strengths, skills and qualities to create Inher Alchemy.  

More about the story of how Inher Alchemy began...

I (Amy) was getting ready to create a ceremony in my business to call in a new offering. I wanted the works - crystals, candles, mists, oils and cards all to support my soul based business and the intentions for success, wealth, creativity and expansion I was setting.

But when I was looking through my collection, I didn’t see what I needed. 

I didn’t want a new moon mist or a rose quartz candle for love. I wondered to myself where the products were that could combine all of the magic I was after? 

I started searching online for a spiritual ritual range for women in biz or soul care for entrepreneurs and couldn’t find…. Anything.

At that moment I knew it was because I was meant to make it.

An excited text message to Dave about the best idea for a product based biz later and we were in business. He was a hell yes right from the start.

Of course we then set about researching, formulating, sourcing and setting it all up. 

Including a session with a cosmetic chemist to finalise the ingredients, hiring an incredible designer to bring our branding and labels to life (shout out to Kara from Kara Peak design), watching candle making videos, spending way too many hours inside crystal shops and transforming our sun room into a small studio.

With so many firsts for us in this business, it truly has felt like a labour of love, huge learnings and self growth too.

As a coach for soulful and creative women in biz I know how much these rituals and practices can transform someone’s day, their relationships, mindset, wellbeing, self and soul care and the income and impact of their business too. I believe in this work 111% and I believe in you too. 

We hope you love everything as much as we do.


Love team IHA xo

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